Wednesday, June 18, 2008

When Animals Attack!!!

I promised you to continue with "When Animals Attack!!!". That was my latest attempt in making an adventure game (I mean really trying). I like Buffy and I like Buffy comics. In one of them, there are evil dogs attacking and Xander mentions "When Animals Attack". Back then I assumed it was a horror movie, but I learned that it was a "shockumentary". Back then I thought it would be a nice title for an adventure game.

A group of high school kids solving a mystery about bloodlusty animals. Yes. That's it. Great, lots of fun dialogue to write. Simple graphics (just add a lot of blood and gore). Great. I don't know what kept me from starting to draw backgrounds and characters, i think I even drew the protagonist's dog which he accuses of having eaten his parents. But in reality they are on holiday (or they are superheroes who had to leave because of the bloodlusty animal emergency) and he has eaten the neighbors' poodle instead.

One of the things I really looked forward to was the title appearing on the screen in capital letters, with blood dripping from each letter and a horrible midi theme emphazising the b-movie feeling. WHEN! ANIMALS! ATTACK!!! doo-doo-do-duhhh!!!!

The opening scene should be a recurring dream of the protagonist in which he gets eaten by some animal (and then he wakes up, saying "oh no! not again!" and then his parents are gone) which will happen later on, but then of course he survives it, cause now he's got the knack.

One big problem I have with writing stories: I have a bunch of ideas at once, that all seem great and seem to stay great for some time and they all fit into one big picture. But once this phase stopped, there are lots of those "I have to work them out"-ideas, some threads that have to be woven together and I never get to "work them out" or connect the dots. They stay this way and there's no way I can add anything later on. Either that or I come with a complete re"write", that ends up with the same problems. sigh.

After the protagonist woke up and finds his dog with which he assumes are his parents' guts in his mouth and manages to escape to school, he can't convince his friends that there's a threat, the bare mentoning of the words "parents" and "away" cause any bystander to instantly think "party" and "tonite" and ignore anything else you might have to say. So there's gonna be a party and he has to recruite some people to help him stop the animals from attacking (because the animals ATTACK!!!) and while convincing a girl, it's gonna be like "I have to tell you something" "yes?" "it's really important" "ye-hes?" "the others all think I'm crazy" "YES?" "the animals all went crazy" "oh. I thought you'd confess your love to me." Something like that. And then I lost it. I don't know if it's ever gonna be a game, but I still like the idea. Though Trebir, even though he his game has a lamer title, has more potential to be a finished game. It's also gonna be shorter, that's also a big plus.

But then I found OROW. One Room, One Week, starting next week. I think I'm gonna participate, cause that's a real deadline. Yay. That's gonna be it. My first game...

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