Friday, June 27, 2008

All work and no play

No OROW for me.
I really started last Saturday, with an idea I liked. I really started drawing the background. I really started drawing characters with their respective walk cycles. I'm getting better at drawing faces. But I still suck at finishing things on time. But nontheless I'm gonna finish this game with the working title "Ballroom" or "I am the Goddamn Batman". The latter is in no way related to the contents of the game, there's only a small cameo by Robin the Boy Wonder (or someone who just happens to look a bit like him).
The background is near finished, and a small part of the game is already playable. There's some dialogue, but no puzzles. And you're gonna know my favorite TV shows after playing the full version.

I'm not tired but exhausted. But I look forward to buying the final paperback of Astonishing X-Men in about 5 hours. Yai.

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