Friday, July 04, 2008

Mail Order Monsters

Everyone who knows me knows that I have 2 big games in the pipeline. They might never come out, but that is - in a strange way - not the point of these games...their names are HeroTown and ALIVE.
This post is about ALIVE which is supposed to be a remake of Mail Order Monsters. That was not my idea. Now I'm currently working on a NES-like remake of Mail Order Monsters. Yes, that is the opposite direction of where we wanted to go with ALIVE, but it's fun. It's another competition, this time I have a whole month for it. Remember that my OROW game is not lost and forgotten, I just need to take a break from it. And Trebir still waits for a better name. And he waits to be finished.

ALIVE will be a very complex game, with economics and biology and don't forget the big fights. We once thought about some bacteria or parasites that could be researched later in the game, just to get a grip of how complex it's gonna be. And the story also progresses, there are monsters escaping from their arenas and the government decides to move the fights to other planets and then there's aliens. Of course there's aliens. There's always aliens.

The so called "NES-Verison" of ALIVE is gonna be nothing like that. You can buy about a dozen upgrades for your monster and fight through a handful of arenas. That's it. But then there's the big differencs: It will get finished.