Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cheap Cheap Cheap Flight

I get many ideas for adventure games when I'm walking down the street or driving around on my bike. David Lynch says 'Ideas are like fish' and you have to use the small fish as bait for bigger fish. He said he writes down the ideas that he gets, not as a finalised script or something, but in a way that he can recall the idea when reading it again. This is what I have this blog for.

The game "Cheap Cheap Cheap Flight" is about a witch who decides not to use her broom, but a conventional aircraft for a change. And some things go wrong. But most important, there's obstacles that she didn't think of, besides the discomfort of cheap airlines and the usual thunderstorm. All the people around her think something is wrong (kind of like in "Scener ur ett äktenskap"/"Scenes From A Marriage" by Ingmar Bergman) and her sister flies by her window on a broom and reminds her how she wants her life to be. All these things make the protagonist uncomfortable, when all she wanted is to do something out of the ordinary and be ordinary for a day.

There's already a theme song. It's a song I've written a while a go, but didn't like, so I cut the vocals and put a robot saying "cheap cheap cheap flight" in it and le voila!

So, I hope I can get a whole story and enough puzzles out of it.

Your gonna see it first, dear reader. Or you're gonna be bothered with tons and tons of other small fish which I fished out of the ocean of ideas. Like "Evil B-Side sister" or another game without a name about a boy who sees dragons in the clouds and finds out, that it's not him, who sees things that aren't there, but they're real, and other people just can't see them. Sounds kinda lame? Okay. But the other thing is hardcore. I tell ya guys!

Edit: But then again, I just wanna make a game like Zelda. A world build out of tiles, mostly covered by forests and you have to explore it. That's the ultimate game, why do I even try to make something else? It's like it's hardwired to my brain.

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