Friday, April 10, 2009

Springtime, Herotown time

I didn't work on adventure games since my last post. Even between the last and the second to last post I didn't do anything. But today I was thinking about HeroTown. It needs another name, but I still wanna make it. And one thing that fuels HeroTown are long walks through forests. Ironically Shigeru Miyamoto's walks through the forests around Kyoto were a major influence for Zelda.

Since today was a lovely spring day, I took my bike and just drove and thought: HeroTown. So today's tour was not just recreational, it was a "HeroTown research tour". I'm still thinking of what I can label the other things I do all day long. My life finally makes sense. It's like Melch. Just give it a fine name and it's right.

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