Friday, May 30, 2008

HeroTown no more


I've found a way to find both my account name and my password (which I changed to the goram best password anyone can ever think of) and now I'm officially revamping this blog. Until now it used to be a blog about the progress of my very ambitious first project ever (well, following some tapes of adventures to my grandparent's own rainforest in their back garden): HeroTown. There was only one single post for about (insert time since last post here) and that had only one reason: there was no progress. At all. Nada.

Back then all I wanted to do was make the official franchise game to the project in the other blog (not really a blog, only technically): Ace Jackson. And there was progress. Although not too much. I tried to find my way into DirectX, but quit it, since it's dropped most of its 2D-content years ago, what a shame. And Ace Jackson was destined to be brought to life in an old school-320x200-point'n'click-2d-Adventure. That's when I found AGS.

I even drew some backgrounds and a horrible but both graceful and heroic walking animation and after a three-room-test-game, Ace stated that he does not need MacGyver lessons to hack a panel with a Trifore-like piece of stone. And that's the end of the story. A bunch of new backgrounds with very inconsistent style, the front view of the very enormous 3/4-goddess and a very pale hologram-god from Polkopolopol. I realised I could never bend the story, that was already on a very long and still ongoing hiatus, enough to fit it into an adventure game. Maybe one day it'll be finished. Ace even has a coffee maker in his underground cave so all the waiting won't be too hard on him.

Now that was again some time ago. Back then I searched my brain for ideas and story fragments I've come across over the years. The first one was "Jupiter - the true story" (that's the official translation of the title, I even thought of that back then. Yay me), a story about 3 aliens who disguised as schoolkids in search of a stolen crystal that was once the heat source of their very warm home planet and 3 other aliens, also disguised as schoolkids, who wanted to destroy the crystal, because it was causing their ice-covered home planet in a parallel dimension to melt. The six of them were all in the same class, so naturally there was a fight about the radiator controls...which was resembling a real fight in my class and as you can think the first 3 aliens were girls and the others were boys and I was on of the latter and had a crush on one of the first. After a lot of years, this story seems to have at least some potential, so I decided to make an intro, about two rooms and a few characters, but that's as far as I got. The thing that is killing me is the lack of a finished storyline.

'Why am I writing in english?' you may ask. Honestly, I don't know. Maybe so when I joined some AGS community the people there can read all about me and my unfinished games. I'll never know.

Up next: 'When Animals Attack!!' and 'Is there life on a pizza?!'

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